Test drive – Capture One

I don’t talk much about gear, or my workflow. And I do have lots of recent photos I wanted to talk to you about but have been rather lazy to write of late (4 international travels already this year!), but this one I would like to make an exception. Hopefully this will get me back to the regular writing of blog posts. Please keep your comment and PM’s coming, through here and on Instagram (I’m a bit low on FB of late. More on that later.) Anyhow… Continue reading Test drive – Capture One


Power of Smile Project

Kazu Power of Smile Project

I just came back from the Philippines where I spent wonderful fortnight. A few days before the trip, I saw a post on Facebook stream by a friend of mine. Kazu was saying that he was back in Philippines again, and this time staying a little longer than usual so he’d rented a room in an apartment, with a spare couch where a friend was welcome to drop by… A quick message was met with as quick a reply to confirm it was cool to visit. I threw out the clothes and equipment onto the table and floor, and packed.
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Street portraits in Cairo

It’s been a long time since I last wrote on this blog. These days it is easier to just upload and share on social network. But sometimes, I’d like to share my experiences as a photographer, beyond just the image itself.

I’ve posted an article in my travel blog. You’d know it if you are following my Facebook page or Instagram, but I was in Cairo. It was an amazing experience, and I was in a wonderful place, in terms of my creative state of mind.

Please check out the travel blog article here.

Nagano (part 3) Zukudashi bike rental

2016-07-12_13 Nagano 長野

The overnight trip to Nagano was on impulse with very little research or preparation. As it turned out, it was a week before a big festival in town. Had I planned for that weekend, not only would it have been difficult to find a room, the people at inns would have been too busy to deal with me while running the event. The electricity poles along the main street were padded in the morning when I came back to town from the bike ride. It looks like the festival involves some actions. Maybe next time… Continue reading Nagano (part 3) Zukudashi bike rental

Nagano (part 2) – Terraced rice fields of Obasute

2016-07-12_13 Nagano 長野
Fujifilm X-E1 + XF18mm F2R

On the 2nd day of my Nagano visit, I left the inn before 5am and pedaled in, towards my destination. This is the light I wanted to see at my destination. I was already awake at 4am and why waste so much previous time? A bit too lazy on my holiday mood… Continue reading Nagano (part 2) – Terraced rice fields of Obasute

Nagano (part 1)

With my stay in Japan only days left, I keep hearing the words ‘why not make a trip in Japan while you’re hear’ that some people put in there last week. A few pieces of idea linked together, and I was on the morning train next day. Is this the first time I come to Nagano in the summer?

2016-07-12_13 Nagano 長野

It’s been pretty hot in Tokyo on those days in between monsoon’s rain coverage. Somehow imagining it would be cooler up here in the hills, but the truth was, the city of Nagano is as hot, if not hotter, than the city by the bay. It is only in the high altitude resorts that you get the cool breeze. Oh well…
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Narita Gion Festival

2016-07-09 成田祇園祭 Narita Gion Festival

July’s monthly outing for the gang of old lens enthusiasts was an excursion to a summer festival in the town of Narita, not far from the international airport. As predicted, it was drizzling from the morning. Since  I was traveling 2 hours to get there, I decided to arrive an hour earlier than our meeting time, to start shooting. This was a good move, as the shrines on wheels were still parked in front of the station and were about to start  moving when I stepped out of the station. The kids in rain coats were still smiling with full of energy. I put a plastic bag on top of the camera and started shooting.   Continue reading Narita Gion Festival