Narita Gion Festival

2016-07-09 成田祇園祭 Narita Gion Festival

July’s monthly outing for the gang of old lens enthusiasts was an excursion to a summer festival in the town of Narita, not far from the international airport. As predicted, it was drizzling from the morning. Since  I was traveling 2 hours to get there, I decided to arrive an hour earlier than our meeting time, to start shooting. This was a good move, as the shrines on wheels were still parked in front of the station and were about to start  moving when I stepped out of the station. The kids in rain coats were still smiling with full of energy. I put a plastic bag on top of the camera and started shooting.   Continue reading Narita Gion Festival


Photowalk with the Old Lens club: Jan 2016 Kawagoe

Kawagoe photowalk 川越

I had a pleasure of joining those enthusiastic photographers for another photo walk. This time, Sasaki-san planned a walk in his familiar territory, a town dotted with signs of Edo era’s former glories. It was a bit of trip from my flat, so I left home early and allowed a bit of time to walk around before meeting them at the station. Continue reading Photowalk with the Old Lens club: Jan 2016 Kawagoe

Instagram: Happy New Year – 2016

Happy New Year. I trust that you had good holidays, catching up with family and friends, filling up with a feast with lots to drink… It is a time of renewed resolution, and I think it is appropriate for me to start by posting an article on this long-neglected blog of mine. If you have been following my Facebook page, you know I have not stopped photographing at all. I have yet to resume my service as photographer for families, couples and businesses, but when the time is right, that will come back as well. For this blog, for now, changing the style a bit, let me pull together some of my favourite instagram posts from the last half year, to look back what’s been happening with my photography life. Continue reading Instagram: Happy New Year – 2016

Sawara Festival

Big Festival of Sawara 2015  佐原の大祭

When I visited the beautiful historical town of Sawara, the people in town pointed at the posters on the wall and said I should come back to see the big festival. Arriving half way into the day’s procession, I found local people still as friendly and chatty, not stressed out or anything. Continue reading Sawara Festival

Sunny weekend between the rains in Kamakura

鎌倉 Kamakura

I haven been rather lazy with my blog updates of late. I’ve been posting my photos from overseas trips on my travel blog as well as the facebook page. I got up on Sunday morning and decided I wanted to sit in a temple and look out to a view to the garden. Continue reading Sunny weekend between the rains in Kamakura