Instagram photos

As I shared in some blog posts before, I do use instagram. It is easy. I like the square format. And some of the filters, though way too strong for most use, are in the direction I would process some of the dull lighting in the street scene. Just like any photography we come across on the internet, there are always ‘nice ones’ and ‘not so nice ones’. I would like to be careful in choosing only the images worth sharing (or at least worth keeping in my album for later review), and continue to let go of the images that just missed the moment or clicked in rush when the image was actually not there.

Sometimes beginner photographers ask me for tips. You know the kind of questions – which camera should I buy? Which lens? Which brand? I would say, get yourself a mobile phone, and use only that for a long time, taking every photo you want only with it. Before mobile phone photography became popular, I used to say – if you have a camera with a kit zoom lens, tape it to the wide end so you cannot zoom; use only a wide angle lens, pay attention to the background and what’s around the subject in your frame. Keep it clean. That way you can go very far already. With the technology available in mobile phone, what more would you need, really. The only difference is the ergonomics, in my opinion.

Anyhow! Let’s look at pretty pictures from my instagram moments.

Oh by the way, all the photos on this blog, Flickr, Facebook and elsewhere are results of the photographer’s hard work, and often published with kind permission of people and places I photograph. Please do not reproduce them without express consent of the photographer (myself).

Now, enough talks… Don’t forget to drop a comment or message to me afterwards!


Towards the sun
“Towards the Sun”

Ivy, the Street Artist
“Ivy, the Street Artist”


First coffee
“First coffee” (of the day, which I got to enjoy finally in the late afternoon)

The balloon guy
“The balloon guy”

Cow up a tree
“Cow Up a Tree”

Bee's work
“Bee’s work” (at a show of local fashion designer)

Bee's work with a model
“Bee’s work with a model” (who is actually wearing the dress she painted for the designer)

Secret Concert
“Secret Concert”

Do you take photos with mobile phones as well as your ‘serious’ camera? Do you only take with mobiles? Do you share socially? Do you print, maybe? I am seriously considering printing some of them. Ikea used to sell this pretty small square frame…