On the street – first half of October


It is already mid-October? Before you know it, it will be Christmas, and 2013! How time flies. Sorry I have not posted any new pretty photos for you to look at here for the past 3 weeks. I have been posting stuff on the Facebook, so if you are following me there, you would have seen those photos already.

Anyhow, here are some of those recent ones. Please do leave your coments here, on Facebook or Flickr. Love to hear what you like and why.

The other




the back
And a couple more, in black and white.






The shot I came home happy with from today’s street shoot is this one. I probably should consider updating the page template. I want you to see it in as a larger image, and for this kind of image, it makes perfect sense to show on black background / frame.

Alternatively, if you don’t mind a couple of clicks, if you could click the image, it should open up in Flickr site, and another click there should show in the ‘lightbox’ mode.

I might go back to this location again soon and see if I start to see any more.

From Day to Night

Some days I go out onto the street without a single expectation. Camera ready at hand, I walk. But some of those days, I come home without a single shot made. On this Friday walk without expectation, I felt something. This could be a beginning of something new. Or it could be just a faint flirtation that just goes as quickly as I found it…

5:46pm Flinders Street. The large cloud dominates the sky, reflecting the setting sun that I cannot see. The city's evening is dark.

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creative process

cute little things
cute little things

I was almost humming that first song of U2’s ‘All that you can’t leave behind’ album as the people smiling in the sun pass outside the window of my bus. Unfortunately my beloved B&O headphone was out of action, after having been pulled this way and that every time its cable got caught by my hand, bag, camera and while it tried to catch my phone before it hit the ground on rare occasion. So it was just the music playing in my head but it was just that kind of day. I might even go on to tell you that it might have been the most beautiful day of the year. And I was sitting in the sun on the bus heading out of my part of town, passing the hospital and university, and dropping me off near Lygon Street.

On the days when I have a good flow of creative stuff, I can feel that. I don’t know if there is actually some juice flowing in my gut somewhere, or is there a chemical content or some specific electric current running in some corner of my brain, whichever it is, I feel it, like a prediction, that ‘I have it today’.

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on the street

crossing the square
crossing the square

After spending a couple of hours at NGV, I had another couple of hours before the next appointment. It was lightly drizzling and the cloud was heavy, but now the sky is breaking up and it is quickly changing. On a day like this people are doing their own thing and have sort of half-focused eyes. Their body language seem to express their inner thoughts. On the street I am usually reactive. I have no expectation, no plan, no agenda. I stand prepared for what might unfold in front of me, and simply capture it. Same as the gallery, the important thing for me is to be honest with what I am feeling and do not try to be smart about what trick you can do with the camera. I do not like fancy retro film effect, and I do not (normally) add noise to add grange feel to it. I do not heavily utilise HDR to make my street shots look like pop-arts from the ’80s (maybe people who do use HDR heavily never knew the 80s!). What I am hoping for is good ole photographers’ photos on the street.

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