Easter Sunday on the beachIt is a 4-day long weekend for Easter here in Melbourne. On this Sunday on the 3rd day of the weekend last year, I was photographing those colourful beach boxes on Brighton Beach.

This year, I am continuing on editing the photobook that I started working on the other day. During my last holiday over the Christmas/New year, I photographed the farmer Roger and his family. I promised to give him the photos, and I finally got the time to work on them properly. I’d like to focus on getting it done, and have it shipped to him shortly.

I think it is nice to print an image with your memory and put in a frame on a wall, but a photobook on coffee table definitely has its place, too. It is a shame if your precious photos are in your hard disc or DVD, and you sit in front of TV or computer to view them. Try printing properly or have them in a photobook – I’m sure you realise that photograph is a medium that works when printed. Special moments in your life – printed and have them around you when you sit down for a break. Keep reminding ourselves of those events and people that are dear to you, every time you sit down in that couch.
Roger's farm


Sunday morning

I opened my eyes to a dimly lit room. I must have slept with the curtain open. The clock shows 6:30am. Odd. It feels like I’d overslept. Ah, that’s right, I’d moved the clock back by an hour last night. Summer is officially over. Out of bed, pulling on the jeans and red sweat shirt, I come to fridge. Nothing in there draws me in. Nobody to talk to on Skype. I type a long email.

morning coffee

Flipping through my notes, I come across names. Martin Parr – I put a star symbol on my note a year ago when that name was mentioned, and again I did a few weeks ago. About time I knew a bit more about this famous photographer. Google it, and links take me to The Sartorialist blog and the video below. It reminds me of what I should be doing on Sunday morning. Take that heavy glass off and put on the small wide angle that I bought while working in a small Camera store in downtown Osaka 20 years ago.

You know how this feels, if you like being on the street: “It’s almost like going out there and letting yourself fall in love a little bit every day, and letting yourself be seduced a little bit every day…”


Some days you don’t feel so much in love. You don’t find her seductive, and you don’t find her charming. But if you keep going back to her, different time, different weather, different mood, different beat in our foot steps, I am sure, you will find it again, and fall in love again.

So I’m going out there again, as discouraging as it is sometimes to come home with not a single shot made, but in order to feel that power of seduction. But first let’s get this printing and conceptual work out of the way…