Power of Smile Project

Kazu Power of Smile Project

I just came back from the Philippines where I spent wonderful fortnight. A few days before the trip, I saw a post on Facebook stream by a friend of mine. Kazu was saying that he was back in Philippines again, and this time staying a little longer than usual so he’d rented a room in an apartment, with a spare couch where a friend was welcome to drop by… A quick message was met with as quick a reply to confirm it was cool to visit. I threw out the clothes and equipment onto the table and floor, and packed.
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Street portraits in Cairo

It’s been a long time since I last wrote on this blog. These days it is easier to just upload and share on social network. But sometimes, I’d like to share my experiences as a photographer, beyond just the image itself.

I’ve posted an article in my travel blog. You’d know it if you are following my Facebook page or Instagram, but I was in Cairo. It was an amazing experience, and I was in a wonderful place, in terms of my creative state of mind.

Please check out the travel blog article here.

Instagram: short trip back to Melbourne (Part II)

It was only a week that I got to spend in my old favourite ‘home away from home’ of Melbourne, but that was enough to keep my sensors wide open, have the camera ready and snap away whatever caught my mind’s eye.

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Sunday photo walk: Carlton to Fitzroy

Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy

My friend and I went out for a lunch for the first time in ages. After a good brunch on Lygon street, we walked around town a bit, catching up on things that have been happening in our lives. It was a cool and humid day. A bit unlike Melbourne, almost, but it was quite a pleasant day for it… Continue reading Sunday photo walk: Carlton to Fitzroy

Nigel and the Bunny

Nigel and Bunny the basist

One evening I was walking along Swanston St with my friend and came to this scene. The bassist (whose name I’ve yet to learn) who plays catchy tunes like Super Mario is a familiar sight on the weekend street. Continue reading Nigel and the Bunny

Change of Seasons

Sunset Tue 4 March 2014

The hot summer seems to have passed.

I don’t know how those people I see on the street still walk around in T-shirt. Welcome back, the quiet, the introvert, the long nights, the European Master Pieces, warm scarf and hot chocolate and slow-cooked lamb and roast… all the good things this part of the year brings.

Chinese New Year 2014

Looking for something different from the Chinese New Year I photographed in the last couple of years, I headed to the community of strong Chinese presense – Box Hill.

Chinese New Year 2014 - Box Hill

Chinese New Year 2014 - Box Hill

Chinese New Year 2014 - Box Hill

Chinese New Year 2014 - Box Hill

It was a really hot day. Must have been tough for those who were performing or selling hot food on the street side. The mist-blow fan was quite popular for everyone, as it really cools down the heat you feel on your skin. Even this lady of the event security was enjoying the coolness.

Chinese New Year 2014 - Box Hill

Chinese New Year 2014 - Box Hill

Back in the city, along the casino stood temporary food stands and Chinese gifts. I found my friend Bee swapping her colourful water colour with the charcoal, drawing scrolls of the horse themes.

Chinese New Year 2014 - Bee's painting

Chinese New Year 2014 - Bee's painting

Chinese New Year 2014 - Bee's painting

Chinese New Year 2014 - Bee's painting

Melbourne shows many of its faces, even on a single event like Chinese New Year there are so many ways to celebrate.