Instagram: short trip back to Melbourne (Part II)

It was only a week that I got to spend in my old favourite ‘home away from home’ of Melbourne, but that was enough to keep my sensors wide open, have the camera ready and snap away whatever caught my mind’s eye.

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Instagram: short trip back to Melbourne (part I)

For the first time in 2 years since I left Melbourne, my ‘home away from home’, I was back for a quality time with my friends. But first, I had a stop-over in Sydney. Just a day in the office with colleagues there, then a night in a room with a view.

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Sunday photo walk: Carlton to Fitzroy

Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy

My friend and I went out for a lunch for the first time in ages. After a good brunch on Lygon street, we walked around town a bit, catching up on things that have been happening in our lives. It was a cool and humid day. A bit unlike Melbourne, almost, but it was quite a pleasant day for it… Continue reading Sunday photo walk: Carlton to Fitzroy

creative process

cute little things
cute little things

I was almost humming that first song of U2’s ‘All that you can’t leave behind’ album as the people smiling in the sun pass outside the window of my bus. Unfortunately my beloved B&O headphone was out of action, after having been pulled this way and that every time its cable got caught by my hand, bag, camera and while it tried to catch my phone before it hit the ground on rare occasion. So it was just the music playing in my head but it was just that kind of day. I might even go on to tell you that it might have been the most beautiful day of the year. And I was sitting in the sun on the bus heading out of my part of town, passing the hospital and university, and dropping me off near Lygon Street.

On the days when I have a good flow of creative stuff, I can feel that. I don’t know if there is actually some juice flowing in my gut somewhere, or is there a chemical content or some specific electric current running in some corner of my brain, whichever it is, I feel it, like a prediction, that ‘I have it today’.

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one fine day by the Yarra

another world
another world

I’d head out by bus and tram towards inner east of Melbourne. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for a walk. This is the first time I’d head out with my camera after I’d placed a new focusing screen in it, which is supposed to improve the visibility of the space in focus. So I was slightly nervous but having felt really comfortable while testing in my flat, I was excited about trying to focus all sorts of things in manual focus.

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