On the street – first half of October


It is already mid-October? Before you know it, it will be Christmas, and 2013! How time flies. Sorry I have not posted any new pretty photos for you to look at here for the past 3 weeks. I have been posting stuff on the Facebook, so if you are following me there, you would have seen those photos already.

Anyhow, here are some of those recent ones. Please do leave your coments here, on Facebook or Flickr. Love to hear what you like and why.

The other




the back
And a couple more, in black and white.




Magic hour

I finally finished up the photobook I was working on. It was shipped and received. There was also a profile photo shoot for a CEO, for use in website and other PR pieces. I don’t get many job of shooting people with lighting properly set up, bringing in light stand and umbrella, but I like this process. It is pretty easy to get a clean shot, so much better than making do with whatever light is on location. Also having the lighting condition under your control, with its strength, angle, quality, all that, you have far less to worry about in making a clean image. I look forward to seeing these photos in website profile page and media article where he is mentioned.

Having finished those tasks that had been pending, one evening I took a camera and walked in the evening. Starting in the city around 5:30pm, it was a couple of hours later when I got to my car near the station nearest to my flat. Nothing beats walking when it comes to the creative process.

Here are some of the photos I came home with that day.

The Other

The Other


Either the first or the last hour of the day, when the sun light is low towards the ground, is called the ‘magic hour’. Surely it is the best time of the day for photographers. It just makes you want to make images like these, with so much sense of mood taken from the lighting.

The creative life


I am fortunate. Not everyone has time to invest in their creative life on top of their day job. Well, maybe it is not precise. Not everyone is aware of the importance of investing in what you are passionate about. I am fortunate enough to meet a few creative people who had the lasting impact on how I face my life.

This week I was not at my happiest. Not that I faced disaster or lost something important. A few things happened that upset me. In between the new moon and the full moon, a lot of things went through my mind. Some upset me, some made me nervous and others filled me with a little joy. One day, after a day of upset, I put the headphones on, played music a bit louder, and grabbed the camera out of my bag even before I started to cross the street. I flicked the switch – from where I was during the day to the other, creative side.



One evening I was walking fast towards my platform when I saw this poster. I’ve got to make a few more shots. Maybe I’ll do it with the old mobile camera. I know exactly what I want. But I’ll need to use some patience…



I even managed to add another photo to ‘The Other’ series I’m working on.

The Other

Some images come more or less by accident. But let’s recognise it as it is. It may lead to something next.


Thank you, for all the inspiration in my life. Thank you for helping hands. Thank you for your encouragement. And thank you for your comments and Like’s. You make my day.

Another day on the rainy street

The Other

Another rain on the forecast. I leave my bike at home and take a train in to the city. As the sun sets, I walk around the city centre, looking for the inspiration. No music – my headphone died a few weeks ago when I lost yet another rubber ear pad. New headphones are waiting on stock to arrive… come, my music! In the meantime, I hear the inspirational author speak, “Just keep showing up at work.” (If you are not on my Facebook page and have no idea what I am talking about, check out this TED talk.) I show up, and wait for the genius to arrive and put that image in the back of my eyes, literally, so I can see.

At the moment, I am chasing two images – that must mean there are two images stuck on the back of my eyes – one on each? One is ‘The Other’ series. And this I can only do on the wet street. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. So that is more or less a part of the theme of what’s beyond that reflecting surface, that I started a few years ago. I have yet to get a solid style on this yet, but as I keep working on it, I am sure something will come of it.

The other is this black shadow thing. I posted the first image of that series on my Facebook page the other day. Today I decided to call it shadow noir – ‘black shoadow’ sounds too literal, and what I am after is probably very far from literal or clearly visible.

shadow noir

And something not so serious…



I love the rainy days. See you on the street, when it rains.


Through the winter rains



I have been following the weather forecasts quite regularly last couple of weeks. Since I started on ‘The Other’ series, I have been waiting for the rainy day when I hit the street to capture the vision of the others in the reflection. Rainy days are great for another of my favourite subjects in my  personal photography – the clouds. It just adds that much dynamism, the energy and movement to the scene.

The other


And after the rain, the flowers bloom. Real ones, and not so real ones…


The new bloom