New toys

I received a few packages by mail this week. It is always exciting to receive a mail, even when you know what it is. It is a little worrying moment too, receiving some optical devices, as they could be damaged by the shock during the transit.

The first one was the zoom lens for the SLR. It went back to the home doctor in Osaka for a repair work and just came back. I took it out for a quick test to make sure the repair is done and it wasn’t damaged on its way back from Japan. I generally do not shoot at wide open (largest aperture) but I made an exception for this test. As with all Canon lens I have, this one is soft.

just hanging
EOS 7D on Manual mode (ISO 400, 1/50, f2.8) with EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 at 55mm
Flinders Street in the rain
EOS 7D on Manual mode (ISO 800, 1/4, f8.0) with EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 at 17mm

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‘SPLASH NIGHT’ on Swanston Street – this week only!

2013-04-16_SplashBaron_GloryCitySplash Baron, the guy who’s painting with water on the pavement on Swanston Street, will team up again with Bee the painter, for a special 3-night event this week from Wednesday to Friday. Those guys are leaving this town soon, yet unknown when to return, so this is a rare opportunity you don’t wanna miss!

Teamed up with Glory City Church Melbourne, this is fundamentally a fund-raising event, rather than feeding their own mouths with the donation they receive in that bowl. For any artist it is a pleasure to be able to use their own art to help the cause they believe in, and anyone who has seen Splash Baron’s religious themes would know that he feels strongly about this.

Regardless of your beliefs, though, – I am a non-religious self believer, just so you know – why don’t you head down into city for a dinner after work, or coffee and gelato (or an affogato to have them in one cup!), and appreciate the delicate work those guys produce. Each face is filled with emotion, their hands tense with muscle just about to move, and body language speak all intentions. Through fragile existence that lasts only for a moment, their art is very much alive, full of more energy than many people you meet in your day.

Come and be inspired. Let’s help the artists live their day in life to full. Show our appreciation. Or just come and say hello.

Here is an article from my blog, on my first encounter with Splash Baron.

And you can see more articles on this blog, just go to the category under ‘artists’ on the drop down list on your right, or type ‘Splash Baron’ to search.

On my Facebook Page album, I also have a lot more recent photos of his works, including some religious themes from Easter, that I have not had a chance to properly put together in a blog article.


See you on the street! This week Wed, Thu and Fri only. Don’t miss it.

Love, Love, Love

Splash Baron

‘Splash Baron’ and I had a break over dinner in Chinatown, and he was telling me about his idea of collaborating with a musician to come up with a new style of painting, while potentially that affects the musician in return. That’s when we heard the music coming from the block of Swanston Street. A couple of Japanese busking artists, with a guitar and a violin, were playing catchy love song of Jason Mraz. That’s what got him started…

Now play this tune, move your feet and follow the paintings along the street!

Splash Baron
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Ida’s Silk Painting workshop Part-2

Last week I’d posted an article with photos from the workshop by Ida of Studio 941. The actual name of the workshop, according to their Facebook page, is “Studio 941 MYO Hand-painted Silk Scarf Workshop”, and in that first of the two-part workshop, the girls finished the smaller practice piece, and was just getting started on the square silk scarf.

Studio 941 Silk Painting workshop at Colour Box Studio

Eager to see how they turn out, I went back to Footscray to document the second part.

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