Mirai and Sora

I took a short trip to Japan last week to meet those two beauties. When I saw my cousin in Paris last December, they were inside a huge bulk on her belly. Now Mirai and Sora are healthy twin babies smiling back at me. I am excited at the thought of how much fun they will bring to the family. We live on the opposite ends of the world, in Europe and in Australia, but I intend to come visit from time to time!

Look at that gorgeous, seductive smile! Girls are always girls, from the moment they are born!

At the same time, they demand your attention, or all hell breaks loose! (And this started while she was in my left arm – with right arm not looking after her but my camera…)

Daddy sings a football fan song. The girls are all kicking and screaming, literally!

But mummy, she’s a true blue Osakan. Hence the gift from my brother and I… the uniform and towel for the baseball team of the region, Hanshin Tigers. They sleep comfortably. Whichever path they choose, the twins are likely to be famous sport girls somewhere.

See you again soon, Mirai and Sora!


Friends in Singapore

friends in Singapore

One of the friends in Singapore… Just one perfect shot made while struggling to find the angle. Love it!


May in Minoo

I’m in Osaka. First things first, driving up the winding road to the graveyard. It has become a routine over the years that I visit two graves there, report that I’m well, put my hands together in front of the sweet smell of the burning incense, before I continue down the list of to-do’s (such as shopping…)

I have for the last several years made it a rule, not quite by choice but more so by convenience, that I visited my family around the end of the year to new year period. It is pretty cold around that time, and up here it does get frosty on some mornings. Everything is in hibernate, brown, grey and tight. Now it is all green, fresh, full of life, moisture and bursting with energy to grow. This place is so familiar and yet so refreshing to see it in this time of the year.

May in Minoo

May in Minoo

May in Minoo


“Shin ryoku” = fresh green, the state of spring time nature.