Japan Culture Festival 2011 by Japaneasy

I had a pleasure of helping the group of volunteers run this event, for the 2nd time. Last time, I enjoyed it so much I took a bit of initiatives in organising the setup and packing up on the day. This time, I was already expected to play the role, in an ‘official capacity’. It looked as though I was more involved in coordinating the staff of the main venue, rather than working as a photographer. But that was not to be an issue. Like last year, I expected there would be some photographers among the volunteers and organiser team, so I was not under pressure to capture everything by myself.

I had a late night the night before, when I invited close friends to a dinner at my place on my birthday weekend, so it was a bit tough on me to show up at 7:30am start. But with my sleepy eyes I managed to pull on the bright yellow happi (the traditional Japanese jacket, commonly used in festivals these days). My head was not quite working so well, nor was I well prepared on the details. But everyone there showed a lot of initiatives to run the show together. And given the level of thorough preparation Japaneasy has put in place, there was nothing that could really go wrong. Here are some of the photos from the day. I would really like to see the photos you took, if you were there. I’d love to see you comment on this page and/or Facebook page. On Facebook you can also tag yourself and people you know. That way you can let them know their photos are here. Please click ‘Like’ button on the right of this page before opening the Facebook page, though, as you need to like the page in order to interact. I look forward to seeing your comments!

The rest of the images are on Facebook page albums.

Snaps from the event are here.

And some photos of the volunteer staff on another album.


If you haven’t seen last year’s photos, they are here, too.



Japan Culture Festival in Melbourne, hosted by Japaneasy

I had a pleasure of working alongside a number of volunteers, performers, workshop and store providers and the organising members of Japaneasy Japanese Language School, at this Japan Culture Festival for the 2nd time. It was an early start to get the venue ready from 7:30 in the morning, but it was well worth it when we had so many volunteers who were willing to pull the weight, literally, from a heavy stack of tables, chairs, and to picking up last pieces of trash, not just cans and bottles.

Like last year, I also walked around the venue photographing everyone enjoying the day. It will take a bit of time to develop all those photos but I expect to put them online on my Facebook page. So please go ahead and click ‘Like’ button on the right of this page now, if you have a Facebook account. Then you will be the first to know when I finally have the photos ready for your viewing, and also you will need to Like the page before you can add comments and tag the photos.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you, whether you were there in the event, you just happened by this blog, or you are one of my regular readers here.

Four Corners – official opening tonight!

As I have previously mentioned in this blog, there is an interesting exhibition running in a gallery up in Northcote. Four female photographers with each using their strong style are bringing the collection of works.

Official opening is this evening (Friday the 5th) – I expect to see you there.

Four Corners – A Photography Exhibition
5 November 2010, 6:30pm onwards
Synergy Gallery
253 High Street, Northcote, Victoria
Four Melbourne-based female photographers each brings her own style of documentary photography


Oh, by the way…

Don’t forget the Japan Culture Festival on Sunday the 7th at Collingwood Town Hall. A big group of Japanese volunteers are bringing to you the experience of modern and traditional Japanese culture – all under one roof! And the handsome Japanese guy is photographing the event. Make sure you show up at 11am as we open the door and get the party started!

Japan Culture Festival

Japan Culture Festival – only 10 days away now!

Japan Culture Festival

As I have previously announced, there will be a great event on experiencing Japanese traditional and modern culture. Japan Culture Festival is hosted by ‘Japaneasy’, a Japanese language school in Melbourne and is held on Sunday the 7th of November at Collingwood Town Hall.

According to the update the organiser sent out to the workshop volunteers, there will be quite a few interesting demonstration of Japanese art and culture, some common like tea making and origami, others a bit rare… you come and see!

To make the best of your day, come early just before 11am. On-stage performances start at 11 and each one will be played out only once, I think. During the lunch hour, there will be Japanese food available from the stands, so grab some snack and sit at the seats upstairs, or check out some of the workshop tables. In the afternoon there will be more live performances. Music, dances, fashion, some modern and contemporary, some traditional. I’m already excited.

The parking can be a little tricky, so it is best if you got there by public transport. The Town Hall is just a few steps from Collingwood station.

More information is available on Japaneasy’s site, so be sure to check it out. If you have a kimono that you bought in Japan or was given to you by a friend, put that on to get a free admission, or bring it down and learn from a ‘kitsuke’ (kimono dressing) teacher how to put that on in the future.

I will be walking around the venue photographing as the official photographer for the event, so feel free to stop me for a photo with new friends you made on the day! The photos from the event will be made available via online album on a later day (I will tell you about it on this blog, too!).