I heard about this through an article posted on Facebook. Some group of visual artists got together to create a bunch of installation works in an office building that is scheduled for demolition. They basically got a permission to use the entire building, 9-floors of it, and over 50 artists spread their wings in there to create something pretty funky.

BCTION is a word created to mean something that comes after Action, after A comes B, hence Bction… Action x Action leads to BCTION. Their desire is to draw attention to the ‘dead space’ in the urban environment, with spin-off works spawning up across the globe, such that those abandoned buildings often seen in SE Asia, for example, may see the light of day, while inspiring people to feel more, think differently.

Bicton - Sep 2014 Koujimachi

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Ryoja-sai Festival

I recently moved to Tokyo. Today there was a big local festival in town. After the haircut, there was still buzz in town centre, so I pulled out my Fuji and walked among the sweaty guys (and girls) to capture their energy and emotions.


There are 30 odd images. Just sit back and check out one image at a time, if you will. Please do leave a comment, at the end of the article, or on the Facebook page. I find it really encouraging. So… don’t be shy!

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