It was about to become another lazy weekend which I was not going to get much out of. In the early afternoon on Sunday, I packed my camera in the bag and headed for the train station. Switching trains, and onto the tram by the sea, I walked in the seabreeze, a milvus’ familiar voice as it circles over head, to the break of waves in Shonan.

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Arrival of the Spring

So the spring was here. The air felt much more ‘loose’ or ‘soft’. Hay fever and skin cancer are back on conversation again. My friend and I dusted the bike and went out to make the best of the beautiful sunny weekend.




We even drove down to my favourite ‘quick trip’ destination down on the Great Ocean Road.

Great Ocean Road drive Sun 31 Aug 2013

Great Ocean Road drive Sun 31 Aug 2013

Great Ocean Road drive Sun 31 Aug 2013

Great Ocean Road drive Sun 31 Aug 2013

I even spotted a griffin venturing out in the sun!

Great Ocean Road drive Sun 31 Aug 2013

Great Ocean Road drive Sun 31 Aug 2013

Great Ocean Road drive Sun 31 Aug 2013

We just knew we had to make the best of the weather… because we know what they call this city we live in…

Great Ocean Road drive Sun 31 Aug 2013

Profile shoot and Sydney trip

I’ve been asked to photograph some profile photos for an organisation. I have been pretty busy photographing artists and their products at artists market over the summer. Profile shoot is a very different work completely – it is about getting the consistency across all images of various people, so that the organisation can show its integrity in the team when the profile photos appear on their website and corporate publications. While in the market I focus on the vibe of the place, inspiration I get from the artists who hand craft their works, and using natural lighting as much as possible, day or night, profile shoot is basically a studio shooting. I would bring in my ‘studio setup’ to the client location, and line up my subjects one by one. In this occasion, my client has people in multiple locations in Melbourne and another office in Sydney, so I’ll set up the same lighting condition in 3 different places. It should be pretty straight forward, though.

Once it is confirmed, then I’ll be shooting in Melbourne locations this week, and they’ll put me on a plane to come to Sydney next week. I’d better check the airline’s allowance for check-in luggage. Lighting and backdrop, it is a decent weight I’ll be travelling with!

Oh, just in case you are not following my Facebook page, let me share a few of my recent images.

Rose St Artists Market - 2 March 2013

From The Rose St Artists Market in Fitzroy – Bee, a talented painter and my sister, appeared at this long-established artists market on 2 Saturdays in March. I went with her to give some moral and transportation support, and I photographed some art works there after getting explicit permission from stall holders. Those artists are really lovely people, and their products are really amazing. Let’s make sure we photographers respect their art and share their beautiful works. You can find those photos on my Facebook page, with links to the pages of those artists (where I know it). Hopefully, my sharing their works through my photographs will help their art, and hopefully, help my photography. I think it would be nice if we could help each other through respect for each other’s art.

Rose St Artists Market - 9 March 2013
Beautiful jewellry and what an apppropriate stall setup with the branch of tree syncing with the design on necklace… seen at The Rose St Artists Market

Rose St Artists Market - 9 March 2013
A vase made out of local Australian rock, to be used for flower arrangement. Comes with made-in-japan kenzan (needle base). It’s got an amazing glow when the light falls on it…

Blenders Ln Artists Market - 6 March 2013
Beautiful ladies at Blenders Ln Artists Market – I enjoyed photographing there almost every Wednesday during the summer, particularly when I get to chat with gorgeous girls like these… but it had to come to an end for the season. We only need to wait for a little over half a year and it will be back on when it gets warmer in the city of Melbourne. Nicky, middle, is one of the organisers and has been a great supporter of my photographs from this market; she’s taken off to Canada for a couple of years – I wish her a great journey and lots of fun.

Aireys Inlet
It has been an exceptionally hot summer here in Melbourne. We had a record number of consecutive days of 30+ max temperature or something like that. Every year I go overseas to the winter cities during the new year and that would pretty much be it for summer in Melbourne, but this year I was tempted to drive down to the beach a few times. I would spend the day in a gallery or library with the cool air con till early afternoon, and pack my swimming pants, beach towel and paperback of Haruki Murakami or Peter Mayle to drive 1.5 hrs to this quiet beach as people start to leave it. I like it like that. But I think the summer is finally coming to an end. I’m typing this in my room with jeans and cardigan on.

Sunrise Saturday 16 March 2013
Some days I’m in the right place at the right time to capture the breath-taking beauty nature spread in their canvas for everyone. This is just before the first light of the day comes above the horizon.

Dusk Saturday 16 March 2013
And that’s the same day just after the sun has set below the surface.

Change of season is definitely here. We are treated with some heavy rains (as you might have seen on Formula One telecast from this city during this weekend). Soon the daylight saving will be over, so we can go to bed when it is actually dark, and hopefully I can get back into more street photography chasing those shadows in reflection. It would be nice to put together a decent series to display on some wall in a gallery. Well, that is the plan for the year.

Down to the beach – Great Ocean Road

Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road Trip 08-09 December 2012
Apollo Bay

Away from the serious work and art photography, I picked up friends in the car and went down to the beach. It was a beautiful weekend, with lots of walks and snaps with friends. Scenery was also sensational.

Sunset, Saturday, on the way back from the 12 Apostles to Apollo Bay
Sunset at Great Otway, or somewhere between the Twelve Apostles and Apollo Bay…

The 12 Apostles
Golden landscape – The Twelve Apostles

On the beach

Bells Beach

I woke before dawn. Putting the camera and tripod into the car, I drove along the Great Ocean Road. The sun was up by the time I arrived. Surfers were floating waiting for a decent wave, and the sun just came out on top of that cloud. What is waiting for me down that winding road?

First light

Another favourite spot down that road – the lighthouse in Aireys Inlet. There is not much of touristy stuff there. Just a simple white light house, and a beautiful sand rock formation and the fresh water flowing into the sea.

Ah, we live in a beautiful part of the world.

Kite Boarding

After walking on the beach along Beconsfield Parade, I needed to go back to my car as its free parking was about to expire. But I was pretty happy with what I was seeing and the slight chill in the air (I prefer the cold to hot), and I decided to stay a little longer. I drove the car down the Parade and found a spot closer to St Kilda. And I walked down to the sand again, when I saw this guy walking ahead of me…

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