The creative life


I am fortunate. Not everyone has time to invest in their creative life on top of their day job. Well, maybe it is not precise. Not everyone is aware of the importance of investing in what you are passionate about. I am fortunate enough to meet a few creative people who had the lasting impact on how I face my life.

This week I was not at my happiest. Not that I faced disaster or lost something important. A few things happened that upset me. In between the new moon and the full moon, a lot of things went through my mind. Some upset me, some made me nervous and others filled me with a little joy. One day, after a day of upset, I put the headphones on, played music a bit louder, and grabbed the camera out of my bag even before I started to cross the street. I flicked the switch – from where I was during the day to the other, creative side.



One evening I was walking fast towards my platform when I saw this poster. I’ve got to make a few more shots. Maybe I’ll do it with the old mobile camera. I know exactly what I want. But I’ll need to use some patience…



I even managed to add another photo to ‘The Other’ series I’m working on.

The Other

Some images come more or less by accident. But let’s recognise it as it is. It may lead to something next.


Thank you, for all the inspiration in my life. Thank you for helping hands. Thank you for your encouragement. And thank you for your comments and Like’s. You make my day.


After dark

light shows
light shows

At just before 9pm the fireworks were shooting up from the Showgrounds. Music is playing, kids are screaming, it sounds like fun out there.

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Light the Night

Light the Night

On Wednesday night, Leukaemia Foundation hosted this year’s ‘Light the Night’.  This is the annual event for those who lost the loved ones, those who survived and everyone who show their support to the research and fight against the illness. As I explained to everyone whom I shot portraits of, I was not an official photographer for the event, but acting as an individual photographer wanting to record the event from my own perspective. As such I gave those people my contact detail, URL for this blog and contact number, but if you happen to find photographs of somebody you know, please feel free to let them know, and share the photos. I did my best to remember names, but with my poor memory, I only had a few people. If I got your name wrong, I do apologise. Please let me know and I’ll correct it. If you like to contact me, please use my email address on my profile page (which you can get to by clicking ‘About’ link close to the top of page).

Thank you for your kind permission to photograph and to publish the images here. They will not be used for any other purpose by me, commercial or otherwise. I love receiving comments and I do enjoy hearing from you, so please feel free to click ‘comment’ on the top of the post, or send me an email. I am also happy to offer my services if you like a candid portrait or family event photographed. Some examples of my work are found in this blog. Now, that is about enough talking… Enjoy the photos. (To view the photos, click here or the blue ‘Read more of this blog’ link below.)

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