Tsukiji Wholesale Market ‘Tokyo’s Kitchen’

This month, the friendly bunch of the ‘old lens club’ organised a visit to a festival at the shrine next to the old wholesale market. This is the last of the annual festival before the market is relocated to another part of Tokyo before the year’s end. My father used to run a family business in a market of this kind in Osaka. So it was with this sense of nostalgia I got to walk around the old market just as they closed up for the week on Saturday afternoon.
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Spring time


It’s been pretty busy winter but as it got a little warmer, I started photographing again. Yokosuka Navy Base was open to the public on their spring open day, but I skipped the long queue and walked around town. What is there to see? It is just a base right? Yokosuka itself is an interesting town. Continue reading Spring time

Reminder of the season passed

Reminder of the season passed

Just stepping out, not more than 10-minute walk away. But grab a camera anyway. It is there, waiting for you. The visual inspiration, the thing that touches on your string somewhere, the shock of the contrast, the beautiful melody of flowing movement, or just a cold statement of what it is. So grab a camera. Continue reading Reminder of the season passed


How time flies; is it already coming to the end of October? Can you believe that? It’s been already 3 months since I came to Tokyo in mid-July. Since then I had a month of living in hotel rooms, then off to Sydney for a couple of weeks, but now this is my base, Tokyo. It hasn’t really gotten a part of me yet, but it’s getting there. Today, on a sunny Saturday in early autumn, I went down to Roppongi following my bro’s suggestion. We checked out kids and young girls in Halloween costumes, and enjoyed the slow day.

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I heard about this through an article posted on Facebook. Some group of visual artists got together to create a bunch of installation works in an office building that is scheduled for demolition. They basically got a permission to use the entire building, 9-floors of it, and over 50 artists spread their wings in there to create something pretty funky.

BCTION is a word created to mean something that comes after Action, after A comes B, hence Bction… Action x Action leads to BCTION. Their desire is to draw attention to the ‘dead space’ in the urban environment, with spin-off works spawning up across the globe, such that those abandoned buildings often seen in SE Asia, for example, may see the light of day, while inspiring people to feel more, think differently.

Bicton - Sep 2014 Koujimachi

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