Ballarat Train Stations
What a beautiful weekend! Sunday was also a fine spring day. I drove up to Ballarat to check out some of the exhibitions from Ballarat International Foto Biennale. There are so many exhibitions, workshops and artist talks there. If you are even remotely interested in photography, it is well worth a drive (or V-Line ride) there. It runs till the 18th of September.

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Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne

I was visiting MARS Gallery in Port Melbourne to listen to Bronek Kozka talk about his creative process. His series on memories are works of scenes that he reproduces, often from scratch in a location or studio, with talent, artificial lighting, everything under his control. He is a unique talent with an extreme attention to detail. After leaving the gallery, it was a beautiful late afternoon with sun low to the west above the sea. I walked around the area, and moved the car towards the seaside and walked a bit more. Here’s a few images that captured my senses. Continue reading Port Melbourne

Spring under my feet


I woke up early on Saturday morning, to see morning sun shining in. It was one of the finest morning of late. As always, I had a slow start on Saturday, but as the sun rose the weather got even better, sun stronger, sky bluer, air warmer. I had to hit the street, with the ole faithful Canon in my hand. Continue reading Spring under my feet