one fine day by the Yarra

another world
another world

I’d head out by bus and tram towards inner east of Melbourne. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for a walk. This is the first time I’d head out with my camera after I’d placed a new focusing screen in it, which is supposed to improve the visibility of the space in focus. So I was slightly nervous but having felt really comfortable while testing in my flat, I was excited about trying to focus all sorts of things in manual focus.

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Melbourne Open House

a long queue
a long queue

On Sunday, after the morning session in the studio, I rushed into the city. Only in the morning did I hear about this Melbourne Open House. I think I heard it on radio or TV not long ago, but I heard only a part of it and did not register. And I don’t subscribe to the paper so I missed the ad, too. It is basically one weekend in a year when the city opens up many famous buildings – heritage or modern design architecture – to the public. Flipping through the website on iPhone I noticed there is a photo contest as well. This is promising! When I got to Collins and Queen corner, it was just after 1pm and the queue had stretched 15-20 metres around the corner up Queen street. Somebody was saying the waiting time is about 1 hour. I took it to mean 1.5 hour.

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Worldwide Photo Walk

photographers everywhere!
photographers everywhere!

On Saturday I joined a group of Melbourne photographers for a 2-hour walk around town taking photographs. This is a part of world-wide event (official website) and thousands of people worldwide took to the streets in their town on the same day and clicked away. I would recommend this kind of walk to anybody interested in photography.

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Stock photo

Spaghetti carbonara
Spaghetti carbonara

I have an opportunity to use the photographic studio on a regular basis for a month or so. While I can just play with lights and take shots for the sake of it, I thought it would be more interesting to set myself a challenge. That is, make sellable images. Of course, for the last year or so, I have grown more focused on making images (photographs) for the viewers, rather than for the photographer (myself). In other words, it is not about ‘Look, I took a picture of something pretty’, but ‘Here is some image which I hope stir your imagination or inspiration’. It is easier said than done. But as with any job, not just photographer, I think the difference between the paid workers and professionals is the consideration for satisfying the customer.

So I’m doing two projects. One if to shoot objects / projects that are sellable. What I mean is, making images that can be used in website, printed materials, etc. as a photograph of an specific item, or as an image sketch that supports certain idea (that is communicated in the text that it accompanies). I’ve passed the initial screening and started posting a few photos on one of the stock photo services. I’m not expecting to make income out of this; but rather I am looking for gaining a better understanding of what sells and why.

The first stock photo service I’m selling my images is called PIXTA an it is actually one of many but possibly the most popular stock photo services in Japan. So my target audience are probably within marketing related function within Japanese companies. In the coming months I’d like to try and see if I can work with other stock photo services, especially ones with more international exposure. It is a good hurdle to set for myself in order to keep improving the quality of my images.

Check out my stock photos here.

Please help promote my images by telling your friends who might have a use for stock photos. I also make images upon request, so if you have any specific photograph you need, please contact me. 🙂

I’m also looking for a couple of models to produce stock photos with in the studio. Possibly shooting in a few weeks’ time. If you are interested in getting your photo taken, and agree to sign a model release (allowing me to commercially distribute the photographs), please let me know. As a token of my appreciation, I will produce your profile/portfolio images and give you the best image in digital format.

Busy weekend

I was hoping to check out the exhibition of ‘State of Design‘ festival that was closing this weekend. But somehow, it got busy and I found myself shooting all these different ideas, eating out with friends, watching Le Tour de France till 2 am, and find myself on a 8am train on Sunday morning… How did it happen? Here is the quick run down. I’ll get into the detail later on, if you are interested.

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Optical illusion

Images look different depending on the environment it is viewed in. Surrounding colours affect it, the light above your computer screen or framed photo on the wall affect it, the sticker you put on the bottom of your computer screen affect how you view the image on the screen. Professional photographers need to be aware of this and do their best to neutralise their working environment with colour adjustment software, callibrated computer monitor, neutral light at work desk, etc. Sure that adds to the cost, but if they don’t, they could really affect the images from the most important day in your life.

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In the arcade

down the stairs
down the stairs

Last week I caught up with a friend, Stu, over a coffee after his work. He is a pretty creative guy and always have pretty interesting approach to life. I enjoy having coffee with him like this every other week or so, and on a few occasion I photographed him. His eyes behind the thick-framed glasses and cheeky smiles, he is a genuine guy with a relaxed openness to friends around him.

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