miracle over the public housing
miracle over the public housing

Funny, I saw two blog posts about rainbows one after another, both from Osaka. I guess they had such a beautiful rainbow above them today that they both wanted to write about it. I actually framed  a rainbow today myself. I first noticed the orange western light and saw the feather-light mist coming down. It caught the orange light and looked almost like the snow falling. Another winter is passing, without me making any trip to the snow. I know I’ll first have to get fit before I could even think about spending half a day on the field, though…

Anyhow, I missed the snow-like misty rain as it was already gone by the time I picked up the camera and swapped the lens. But when I stepped out to the balcony and turned to the other side, I saw it. Continue reading “rainbow”

European Masters for free!

NGV members, remember to pen in 9am this Saturday, which is the day after tomorrow. It is one of the two ‘members free’ sessions at European Masters at NGV International.

European Masters
European Masters (image borrowed from NGV event website)

I’ll sacrifice my Saturday routine of grocery shopping at Vic Market and will be at NGV at 9am as the door opens!

Save $6 or $7 for the rental iPod with audio guide, get your mp3 download from here. Find the link to audio guide in the middle of the page.

If you like to come along, gimme a yell. Sorry, regular admission fees apply to non-members. Well, we pay a lot of money to be a member, after all…

This time I have the audio guide downloaded into my iPhone already 🙂 Just have to remember to take the headphones with me… I tried to get it online during the visit last time but the network is non-existing in there (for a good reason), and unfortunately NGV website only gives you ‘pretty design’ version and usability consideration is missing. Search engine is there but it throws many irrelevant results and lost pages (they recently re-structured pages, including the location of audio guide files). They really need to pick up the game on this end. I consider myself relatively ‘tech savvy’ and find it frustrating; imagine the majority of visitors who just want to pick up the information about event on the train or try to download the audio before they leave home? I really wonder how well this can be achieved. I am a big believer of ‘functional design’. It’s got to look great, clean, simple but have to be highly well considered in terms of usability. I’m happy to work for you, NGV! I also take photographs, just in case you haven’t noticed :p


Mother's love
Mother's love

This week I had a pleasure of making photographs with a mother and her little princess. It was only 2 weeks earlier that news came that Vanessa, a friend from photography school, had recently received a little girl, Zara. All mothers say their little one is the most beautiful baby in the world, and I’ve heard that many times as many of my friends are already mothers and fathers. Of course, Vanessa told me that too. So it was a mixed anticipation that I knocked on their door on a Monday morning. The forecast for a wet day, a typical of winter in Melbourne, was completely off the mark, and I even had the sunglasses on while driving. Vanessa had already brought her princess down to the living room, and Zara was waiting asleep in the centre stage. The light from the large full size window next to the room was filling the room with beautiful soft light, and there was more direct light beyond the shade pulled down over the window facing the front of the house.

Continue reading “Unconditional”

walking, running, moving

walk this way
walk this way

It was a week of a lot of reflections, still thinking about the inspiration I gathered from Bill Henson’s works, Carol Jerrems, et al. and project proposal to put together. So when it was finally typed up and out of way, I felt quite free, everything felt lighter now that all the thinking has been put aside and the idea that I was tossing around had finally found its place and started growing. Continue reading “walking, running, moving”

Up Close at Heide

‘Up Close’ is held at Heide Museum of Modern Art. It features Carol Jerrems, who was born and lived through the colourful changes in Melbourne. I did not know about her, but apparently she is best known for her work entitled ‘Vale Street’, which she shot in 1975.

Vale Street (1975)
Vale Street (1975)

This is an iconic work of the times which represent a woman’s independence, while referencing to a youth subculture of the times called the sharpies. The boys, strong, tattooed, are in the back, in the shade, while she stands in the light, naked and proud. Continue reading “Up Close at Heide”

Bill Henson – Early Works

Bill Henson brochure
Bill Henson travelling exhibition brochure

Bill Henson is one of the well-established photography artists from this part of Australia. I did not have a chance to learn much about his photography until recently, but after attending as an audience to the talk he gave as a part of the Melbourne Art Foundation lecture series at Federation Square a couple of weeks ago (see video online here), I started finding out more about his works. I watched a couple of documentary programme that had been aired on TV in the past two decades, and I also watched the ‘730 Report’ that summarised the scandal.  Continue reading “Bill Henson – Early Works”