Rain on the forecast

Dragging myself out of bed, I open the macbook. Check email, facebook updates, and then see the weather forecast page. Rain towards the afternoon. Wind stronger. Yes! I pick the L.L.Bean water-proof anorak that I bought more than 20 years ago. I had the same top on when I came to Melbourne for the first time during summer holiday in uni. Anyhow, rainy days are beautiful. It is full of light – you might think it is darker on rainy days – it is actually much brighter, and often more saturated. You just cannot miss the rainy days.

Buskers had packed up their gig and gone home for the day. I knew this because they told me just the other night. Maybe they are deciding where to go eat together. But it is the precious golden hour for me. Looking around for street corners where something interesting may be happening, I walk on.

rainy evening

Rain got stronger as I came to my familiar corner. Looking at the pool of water always formed on a rainy day, I think about Cartier-Bresson. I wonder what was going through his mind. He is known to be one who just mysteriously come out with the ‘goods’ while casually walking with friends. Did he have a very different approach than, say, Elliot Erwitt, another of my idol, who I’ve seen uses bike horns to let the passers-by turn their face towards him. I do not interfere with what’s happening as much I can help it – standing there with a camera is already an interference, sure. But I do not pose people.

rainy evening

While walking around a few blocks, the rain seems to have passed, and I can see clouds flying by pretty quickly. The sun will have to drop the orange light somewhere. I moved up towards the top of the city where I knew there is a better chance of western sun creating shadows on people crossing the street…

rainy evening

rainy evening

rainy evening

It was a beautiful afternoon. Bring on the rain!


Light in Winter – kids by night

Winter is here in Melbourne, it seems. During the day it gets pretty warm, but as the sun goes down, we’d rather be in front of that wood burning fire place. I live throughout the year without using a heating but I sure love the smell of that burning wood in the air. Melbourne comes up with ways to keep you in the city even on those evenings, and they come with a bit of fun! Continue reading Light in Winter – kids by night

About to rain

stormy sunset - 23 May 2011

I hope you all enjoyed the absolutely beautiful weather on the weekend. I’m glad I captured the beauty of autumn on Saturday (in previous post), because today, on Monday, it’s back to this. It looks like it will be another cooler and partly wet week with minimum just below 10 and top of only about 15 every day this week.

Keep warm everyone. Perhaps it is a good time to stay at home and have some portraits taken with your loved ones. Book me in for the photoshoot now! 🙂

From Day to Night

Some days I go out onto the street without a single expectation. Camera ready at hand, I walk. But some of those days, I come home without a single shot made. On this Friday walk without expectation, I felt something. This could be a beginning of something new. Or it could be just a faint flirtation that just goes as quickly as I found it…

5:46pm Flinders Street. The large cloud dominates the sky, reflecting the setting sun that I cannot see. The city's evening is dark.

Continue reading From Day to Night