People at Fire fighter’s new year ceremony – Tatsuno, Japan

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Fire fighter’s new year ceremony – Tatsuno, Japan

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Leave nothing but footprint


Winter morning

冬の夜明け 1
winter morning 1

7am. My eyes opened early. I had thought about going for a morning drive up the hills before going to bed. But that was more like 2am and I set an alarm to 8am. Funny how our body just responds to that kind of intention. It does me all the time – and it never wakes me when I have no reason to wake up.

I rolled my head on my pillow and saw the pinkish-orange of the eastern sky between the blinds, and got out of bed. Grabbing my EOS 7D from the shelf and climb up barefeet to the balcony above. The sun is about to rise.

It’s just an ordinary winter morning. But I want to follow it when something touches me, even just a gentle brush of it. My eyes are not quite open yet, not at 2 minutes of waking time. Opening and closing eyes I try to lubricate them. The camera’s in a good shape. It went through a maintenance and cleaning last month where its focus was corrected, everything cleaned and I now have a lot more confidence looking through its view finder.

A few clicks and  my barefeet started to feel really cold so I stepped back inside. Sunrise is at before dawn, the sunrise is after. That’s always been the way. Still a few more minutes before the first direct light hits me here, but waiting barefeet on a frosty ground is not quite my cup of tea.

冬の夜明け 2
winter morning 2

Rolls of calligraphy script hang here and there. What is it about the hand-made paper and scripts that just touch us so directly and differently from the rest of the mass-produced cold concrete?

冬の夜明け 3
winter morning 3

The view out of my window that I’m so familiar with. Curry rice yesterday morning and the night before, and this view – I realise I’m home now.

冬の夜明け 4
winter morning 4
冬の夜明け 5
winter morning 5
冬の夜明け 6
winter morning 6

Pool of water, either the dew or some unnoticed rain yesterday, is frozen solid. It’s below zero this morning around here.

It used to feel like it cuts my ears cycling to the high school on a winter morning like this.

冬の夜明け 7
winter morning 7

I was thinking of making my first trip to my relatives’ and friend’s graveyard up the hill, to send my regards for the new year, but maybe the road up there is frozen at places. So maybe that can wait. They can wait, it’s not like they’re going anywhere. Perhaps today is for a visit to the shrine or temple somewhere, for a traditional new year’s visit, a week late?


Another morning, I hear the jet boost its engine for take-off. How I’d never noticed it for years I’d lived here. I wonder if it has to do with some construction that is going on at the edge of town, did a 4-story public housing function as a sound proof wall for us, from the airport that’s almost 10km away to the west?