Nagano (part 3) Zukudashi bike rental

2016-07-12_13 Nagano 長野

The overnight trip to Nagano was on impulse with very little research or preparation. As it turned out, it was a week before a big festival in town. Had I planned for that weekend, not only would it have been difficult to find a room, the people at inns would have been too busy to deal with me while running the event. The electricity poles along the main street were padded in the morning when I came back to town from the bike ride. It looks like the festival involves some actions. Maybe next time… Continue reading “Nagano (part 3) Zukudashi bike rental”


Photo walk with Leica Elmarit 90mm F2.8

Summer is almost here. Some days my eyes open at 4am with either crows screaming at the tree tops, or old people chatting during their morning walk. Or simply because the morning sun brightens up the sky outside while my curtain is left open over night to let breeze in. It is crazy Japan does not take up daylight saving. With so many hours of day light, not even the train is operating. Even on a Sunday morning I woke up so early. Normally I would just roll around in bed or go back to sleep. But today I jumped out of bed, hardly able to wait for the day to start. By the time I had enough of image making for the morning it was just after 7am. Since when I let go of the Roadster, it may be the first time I was so eager to get the day started.

Leica Elmarit 90mm F2.8

Leica Elmarit 90mm F2.8

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Tsukiji Wholesale Market ‘Tokyo’s Kitchen’

This month, the friendly bunch of the ‘old lens club’ organised a visit to a festival at the shrine next to the old wholesale market. This is the last of the annual festival before the market is relocated to another part of Tokyo before the year’s end. My father used to run a family business in a market of this kind in Osaka. So it was with this sense of nostalgia I got to walk around the old market just as they closed up for the week on Saturday afternoon.
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Instagram: short trip back to Melbourne (part I)

For the first time in 2 years since I left Melbourne, my ‘home away from home’, I was back for a quality time with my friends. But first, I had a stop-over in Sydney. Just a day in the office with colleagues there, then a night in a room with a view.

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Photowalk with the Old Lens club: Jan 2016 Kawagoe

Kawagoe photowalk 川越

I had a pleasure of joining those enthusiastic photographers for another photo walk. This time, Sasaki-san planned a walk in his familiar territory, a town dotted with signs of Edo era’s former glories. It was a bit of trip from my flat, so I left home early and allowed a bit of time to walk around before meeting them at the station. Continue reading “Photowalk with the Old Lens club: Jan 2016 Kawagoe”