visual diary – Wonderful Life by Black

Drizzling rain almost audible outside my flat windows. First thing in the morning, this is just right for my mood while still in bed. Now looking closely for the first time maybe, at least since I got more into photography, I realise first the striking use of strong contrast monochrome, but then probably 3 very distinctively different style of photography -almost chaotic combination in one sequence.

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It was about to become another lazy weekend which I was not going to get much out of. In the early afternoon on Sunday, I packed my camera in the bag and headed for the train station. Switching trains, and onto the tram by the sea, I walked in the seabreeze, a milvus’ familiar voice as it circles over head, to the break of waves in Shonan.

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Another day on the rainy street

The Other

Another rain on the forecast. I leave my bike at home and take a train in to the city. As the sun sets, I walk around the city centre, looking for the inspiration. No music – my headphone died a few weeks ago when I lost yet another rubber ear pad. New headphones are waiting on stock to arrive… come, my music! In the meantime, I hear the inspirational author speak, “Just keep showing up at work.” (If you are not on my Facebook page and have no idea what I am talking about, check out this TED talk.) I show up, and wait for the genius to arrive and put that image in the back of my eyes, literally, so I can see.

At the moment, I am chasing two images – that must mean there are two images stuck on the back of my eyes – one on each? One is ‘The Other’ series. And this I can only do on the wet street. I haven’t seen it anywhere else. So that is more or less a part of the theme of what’s beyond that reflecting surface, that I started a few years ago. I have yet to get a solid style on this yet, but as I keep working on it, I am sure something will come of it.

The other is this black shadow thing. I posted the first image of that series on my Facebook page the other day. Today I decided to call it shadow noir – ‘black shoadow’ sounds too literal, and what I am after is probably very far from literal or clearly visible.

shadow noir

And something not so serious…



I love the rainy days. See you on the street, when it rains.