Street Photography

When I arrived in my old room at my parents’, this was waiting for me on the desk. My mother had recently been to an exhibition of his works and absolutely loved the works.

Some of you probably know his name. He was one of the photographers at Magnum agency, and was known for his style in street photography that was full of wit, fun and story.

While little book which was the collection of works that were displayed at the exhibition, and the exhibition was over by the time I reached Osaka, yesterday when I walked past the gallery shop in NGV where I took a refuge from the heat outside, I sat down and flipped open this book:

Elliott Erwitt: Personal Best

It is a thick, big print book, but the images in there are just amazing, and I couldn’t help laughing out at some of the images. It is just so funny! Have you watched the recent comedy film “Crazy, Stupid, Love”? Kinda like that!

Anyhow… I am still a long way from the greats of this capacity, so I am learning by watching, hearing, and practicing. There will be an exhibition of documentary / street photography happening at Monash Gallery of Art soon. Next Saturday 4 February there will be an opening talk given by Mr. Michael Coyne, a great journalist photographer, and on the following week a floor talk (curator talks about works, etc.) I’m already planning a lunch with my friend so we can head down to Wheelers Hill around 2pm, with enough time to look at the works before the talk starts at 3pm. Not sure about the week after yet, but hopefully similar set up…
So if you also like documentary and street, do head down to MGA on Saturday afternoon!


in Europe


I’ve been in Europe since the Christmas. Just because I come to a new place doesn’t mean I take different photographs – I do my style. Well, I might take a few touristy shots here and there but…

I’m posting my photos up on my travel blog. But if you just want to view images without the text, check out my Flickr collection. Please be sure to comment when you do!