Reminder of the season passed

Reminder of the season passed

Just stepping out, not more than 10-minute walk away. But grab a camera anyway. It is there, waiting for you. The visual inspiration, the thing that touches on your string somewhere, the shock of the contrast, the beautiful melody of flowing movement, or just a cold statement of what it is. So grab a camera. Continue reading Reminder of the season passed


Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Just looking for a place to kill the time for half the Sunday, I looked up Tokyo Art Beat for some ideas. This one came up, a former residence of a royal, full of Art Deco details. Continue reading Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum


It was about to become another lazy weekend which I was not going to get much out of. In the early afternoon on Sunday, I packed my camera in the bag and headed for the train station. Switching trains, and onto the tram by the sea, I walked in the seabreeze, a milvus’ familiar voice as it circles over head, to the break of waves in Shonan.

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How time flies; is it already coming to the end of October? Can you believe that? It’s been already 3 months since I came to Tokyo in mid-July. Since then I had a month of living in hotel rooms, then off to Sydney for a couple of weeks, but now this is my base, Tokyo. It hasn’t really gotten a part of me yet, but it’s getting there. Today, on a sunny Saturday in early autumn, I went down to Roppongi following my bro’s suggestion. We checked out kids and young girls in Halloween costumes, and enjoyed the slow day.

Roppongi Continue reading Roppongi

Colours of autumn – Yarra Valley


Autumn is here in Melbourne. Summer was warm/hot and long this time around. I would normally welcome the arrival of the cooler part of the year, but I guess I’d gotten used to that and the drive down to the Anglesea on Sunday afternoon. While I was watching the leaves of poplar trees glow in bright yellow in the morning sun, I did not get to dragging myself out of town to go for a photo walk.

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Soft rain

autumn leaves

My friend and I had a quick coffee in the balcony outside his kitchen, and got in my car. As we pulled into a carpark at the end of the dirt road, gentle drizzle started to come down. Covering the camera from rain with both hands making a roof under my neck, I enjoyed the walk in this beautiful place.

autumn leaves

autumn leaves

autumn leaves

autumn leaves

autumn leaves