Urban Cocoon

Urban Cocoon

Melbourne with its pride as being the art capital of the nation, puts on its best shows during the colder part of the year. NGV brings down European works during its ‘Winter Masterpiece’ series every year, musicians put on sensitive tunes while audience warm their back against the fire place. And in the public space in the city centre, there are installation by artists. I was just looking back to my blog posts from this time of the year in 2011. and I was reminded how much is actually going on. It’s time I started spending more time in the city checking out those places.

This weekend, I came to learn of this installation through a posting on some Facebook post. The first day I saw, on Thursday, it was drizzling on and off. I was on my way back up from a bit of cold so I went home when it started raining again. But Friday the weather was much more agreeable. With a quick pit stop at a noodle shop in Chinatown, I had enough energy in tank to cover some of the inspirations.

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Colours of autumn – Yarra Valley


Autumn is here in Melbourne. Summer was warm/hot and long this time around. I would normally welcome the arrival of the cooler part of the year, but I guess I’d gotten used to that and the drive down to the Anglesea on Sunday afternoon. While I was watching the leaves of poplar trees glow in bright yellow in the morning sun, I did not get to dragging myself out of town to go for a photo walk.

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