I heard about this through an article posted on Facebook. Some group of visual artists got together to create a bunch of installation works in an office building that is scheduled for demolition. They basically got a permission to use the entire building, 9-floors of it, and over 50 artists spread their wings in there to create something pretty funky.

BCTION is a word created to mean something that comes after Action, after A comes B, hence Bction… Action x Action leads to BCTION. Their desire is to draw attention to the ‘dead space’ in the urban environment, with spin-off works spawning up across the globe, such that those abandoned buildings often seen in SE Asia, for example, may see the light of day, while inspiring people to feel more, think differently.

Bicton - Sep 2014 Koujimachi


Ryoja-sai Festival

I recently moved to Tokyo. Today there was a big local festival in town. After the haircut, there was still buzz in town centre, so I pulled out my Fuji and walked among the sweaty guys (and girls) to capture their energy and emotions.


There are 30 odd images. Just sit back and check out one image at a time, if you will. Please do leave a comment, at the end of the article, or on the Facebook page. I find it really encouraging. So… don’t be shy!


In Istanbul

Istanbul - shoe street

Yes, I am on a week holiday in Istanbul. It is a beautiful place with people with great sense of hospitality.

I’m posting some of my photos on my ‘travel blog’ as usual, so please check them out!

Istanbul posts in my travel blog

Oh, by the way, I was planning on visiting Israel next week, but due to unstable situation here it has been cancelled. I will be in Tokyo from early next week!

Sunday photo walk: Carlton to Fitzroy

Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy

My friend and I went out for a lunch for the first time in ages. After a good brunch on Lygon street, we walked around town a bit, catching up on things that have been happening in our lives. It was a cool and humid day. A bit unlike Melbourne, almost, but it was quite a pleasant day for it…

Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy

I stopped worrying about techniques, and let the intuition drive my framing.

Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy

In this lovely art-inspired part of Melbourne, some things remain the same but new changes are also noticeable. It is a shame that the big wall full of grafitis on Rose St were brought down giving way to yet another multi-level apartment building.

Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy Sunday walk: Carlton - Fitzroy

grafiti off Gertrude St


This art, just off Gertrude St, was still intact. While many very high quality pieces of work in public get damaged by those tasteless graffiti artists with no respect, it is nice to see that this one, that has been there for ages, is still pretty much how she has always been.

Melbourne Skyline

You would know it if you are following my Facebook page or are used to seeing my images from 20 years ago, but I love photographing the dynamic, subtle, graceful and amazing colours that spread across the sky. Here in my apartment just outside of the city of Melbourne, I often photograph the sky above the CBD, from the small light window in my back room. Let me share some of my favourites, some recent, others not so recent works of mine.

stormy sky Saturday 30 June 2012

stormy sky Saturday 30 June 2012

Monday 8 October 2012

Dusk Tue 15 January 2013

Sunrise Fri 18 January 2013

Sunset 19 Dec 2011


January night

dusk Fri 7 March 2014

Sunrise Thu 13 March 2014

Saturday 15 March 2014

Saturday 15 March 2014

Sunrise Fri 21 Mar 2014

Sunrise Fri 21 Mar 2014

Sunrise Fri 21 Mar 2014

Sunrise Fri 21 Mar 2014

Morning 23 March 2014

Earth Hour

I would love to continue building a series of images and present in an exhibition environment of some sort. At the same time, I also love photographing people and the art works… lots of ideas of where and what to exhibit in the near future!

NGV Shop sale

According to the Facebook Page of National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), they are holding NGV Shop Sale at the Great Hall (the big indoor open space on the ground floor, at NGV International on St Kilda Rd) ending on Monday. NGV Shop is a great library of high quality art resources, photography books, and other art products. Those items normally are relatively expensive, but during the sale, they’ll be discounted so NGV can make space for new products on their shelf. Head down to NGV for brunch and pick up those inspiring material for a bargain price!



Months since the original request, I’ve finally drafted this photobook together. It feels a little strange that not all images are my works (my client took pictures on the first day when I was not contracted to cover) and put them together with mine, and fit within limited number of pages.

To be fair, preparing images for printing, like framed images and book like this, requires far more detailed work than just finishing them up at ‘presentable on screen’ level. I also needed to adjust white balance, sharpness, contrast and colours on images taken by my client. Many of my images which were developed and prepared for delivery once went through further screening and further processing. But at the end of all that, I am pretty happy with what I’ve managed so far, and I’m looking for finalising this with feedback from the client.

Once you print the photos, you realise that this is how photographs are meant to be consumed.


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