Maribyrnong River

It was a beautiful late summer’s day when I found myself walking along the river under the midday sun…

Colours of green and blue are strong wherever I look…

This has been a crazy year of disasters. My home country is going through the worst disaster in history, neighbouring New Zealand had their quake, and in Australia there has been flood and cyclone. In some parts of this state the flood caused some serious damage this year. Historically, though, flood has been something that occurred at certain cycle, just like earthquake repeats with some 20-30 year cycle. I realised that when I was walking along the bank of this calm and twisting flow of Maribyrnong River.

With palm trees, blue sky, green lawn and river, it reminded me of Perth. I used to study at a university down south between Perth and Freo, and I would cycle on my roadbike down to Applecross and along the river. It felt like that. It’s been ages since I last saw that city. I heard it’s changed a lot, and it did already by the time I last visited after years since I lived there. I miss it…

I was surprised to see so many people running, walking, cycling and canoeing around here on a weekday. But seeing how beautiful it is on a day like this, I can totally appreciate it if people are coming here in their precious lunch break.

The area up or down the river from here, the scenary is completely different. Maybe I’ll go for another day walk and capture some of their characteristics.

Lastly, to people at my home country who are in pain after this disaster, I do hope that the worst be over soon and we put our hands together to rebuild the nation. We are all together in this, even if some of us are not in disaster zone, or not even in the country right now.


2 thoughts on “Maribyrnong River

  1. Wow, such beautiful photographs of Essendon and Aberfeldie, right near where I live.

    I recently ran in the Moonee Valley Classic Fun Run 5km which was along the tracks shown here.

    You really have captured some lovely angles, and you have a great eye for detail.

    Thank you, Michael

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